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Amazon Jungle Conservation Lodges

During the 1980's tourism became one of the most important revenue sources for Peru.

Areas in South America's Peruvian Amazon that had established infrastructures for mining, timbering, and hunting began providing tourist facilities. Local farming families built tourist lodges.

Peruvian national organizations and international conservation organizations rallied to preserve and protect natural areas while providing sustainable tourism.

Peru now has an ever-growing number of commercially owned jungle lodges while a handful of lodge operations are owned and operated by genuine conservation concerns.

Presented here are lodges that adhere to the following criteria:
• Biodiversity Conservation • Wildlife Viewing
• Travel Value • Operational Support
  • Active support is provided by the lodge for conservation of natural areas.
  • The lodge works for the benefit and well-being of local indigenous Indian communities.
  • The lodge strives to uphold the highest standards of environmental protection in the construction and operation of the lodge.
  • Advertisings and promotions by the lodge for wildlife viewing do in fact give an accurate portrayal of the average visitor's experience.
  • Operation's logistics are professional, management and guides are knowledgeable, and sincere efforts are made by the lodge to insure a visitor's safety and comfort.
Representatives of, World Class Travel, and the Biological Conservation Group, visit each respective lodge and interview the lodge owners. Travelers visiting these lodges are asked to provide a candid appraisal of their trip.


Amazon Refuge: Amazon River    Amazon Jungle Lodges Top of Page

Amazon Refuge Amazon River Iquitos
Amidst gardens and rain forest in the Amazon jungles of Peru the Amazon Refuge awaits your visit to the majic of the Amazon Indian's Spiritual world...with your hosts... The San Juan de YanaYacu Indian Community.

• Pacaya Samiria National Reserve • Pink Dolphins • Native Shaman
• Native Artists • Birding • Wilflife Trails
Amazon Refuge
is located off of the Amazon River from Iquitos on the YanaYacu River tributary. Home of the YnaYacu Indian Community and private 2000 acre community wildlife reserve.

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Tahuayo Lodge    Amazon Jungle Lodges Top of Page

Tahuayo Lodge Tamshiyaco-Tahuayo Reserve Iquitos
The western Amazon rainforest, site of the Tahuayo Lodge, is known to have the greatest diversity of flora and fauna found in the world. Tahuayo: the only Amazon lodge with access to the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo Reserve.

• Pink Dolphins • Canopy Zip-Line • Native Shaman • Madicinal plant hikes
• Native artisania market • Birding: over 500 species
• Jungle Survival Programs
The Tahuayo Lodge
is located off of the Amazon River from Iquitos on the Tahuayo River tributary. From Iquitos we take you by boat up the mighty Amazon River, for a distance of about 50 miles, then up the Tahuayo tributary, another 40 miles.

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Manu Wildlife Center    Amazon Jungle Lodges Top of Page

Manu Wildlife Center
The Manu Wildlife Center is located in the remote and wild Manu Wilderness of southeastern Peru. Amidst spectacular forest and incredible scenery, the density and diversity of animal and plant species reach a peak in the extreme western Amazon, near the foot of the Andes.

A 35-minute flight from Cusco to the mouth of the Manu River and a 90-minute motorized river-canoe ride down the Madre de Dios River brings you one of the most unique primary rain forest destinations in the Amazon's Manu Wilderness. Explore 40 miles of forest trails, climb the center's 120 foot high canopy tower, visit the world famous Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick and the world's largest Tapir lick.

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Sandoval Lake Lodge    Amazon Jungle Lodges Top of Page

Sandoval Lake Lodge Tambopata
Sandoval Lake Lodge is located on the high bluffs overlooking Sandoval Lake, within the protected Tambopata Reserve of southeastern Peru. Internationally famous as the site of the world's greatest lowland concentrations of birds and butterflies, Tambopata offers an exciting and unique Amazon experience.

Sandoval Tambopata, a pristine Wilderness of Amazonia. Situated just beyond the eastern slopes of the Andes Mountains, the 3.7 million acre Tambopata Reserved Zone is home to almost 1000 species of birds, and 4 of the Amazon Basin's top predators the Jaguar, Giant Otter, Harpy Eagle and Black Caiman. Nestled within this protected area of lush tropical rain forest, perched above what many rain forest specialists feel is the most attractive lake in southern Peru, is Sandoval Lake Lodge.

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Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge    Amazon Cloud Forest Lodges Top of Page

Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge
The Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge (CORL) nestled in a pristine Andean Cloud Forest, beckons the enthusiastic birder and adventurous nature lover for an unforgettable visit to a True Paradise of Nature. CORL is located at 5000-feet elevation in the Kos˝ipata Valley of South Eastern Peru, 150 kilometers by road from Cusco. Built within a 12,500-acre cloud forest reserve owned by the conservation group Selva Sur. The Lodge provides the best opportunity for exploration of primary cloud forest ecology.

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Ese Eja Heath River Wildlife Center    Amazon Jungle Lodges Top of Page

Ese Eja Heath River Wildlife Center
Located at the hub of one of the largest multi-national tropical reserve areas in the world. Peru's Bahuaja-Sonene National Park (Tambopata Reserve) occupies the lands west of the Heath River Wildlife Center. To the north and east Peru and Bolivia share the Pampas del Heath National Sanctuary. To the south lies the Madidi National Park of Bolivia. The Esa Eja Indian village community of the Heath River owns and operates the lodge. (Ese Eja is also spelled as: Esa Eja, Esa'Eja, and Ese'Eja)

Amazon primary rain forest: miles of well-defined forest trails provide exciting viewing of a variety of animals, birds, and flora. The elusive Jaguar roams the forest while Dusky Titi Monkeys chase through the trees. The Heath Macaw Clay Lick is 15 minutes from the center by motorized canoe where a strategically placed floating blind allows visitors a safe and comfortable view of the early morning gathering of parrots and macaws.

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