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Amazon Refuge
____ Amazon River Rainforest Peru ____
Iquitos • Peru

Individual facilities for visiting
Photographers • Artists • Writers • those interested in wildlife & indigenous Indians.

Group facilities for
Student Field Trips • Research Teams • Yoga Groups

Amazon Refuge...wildlife adventure to the
San Juan of YanaYacu Indian Community

Our itineraries to Amazon Refuge can be customized to the needs and interests of individuals.

Amazon Refuge specializes in adventurous offerings: Rainforest camping exploration into a vast wilderness of Amazon wildlife, and visits to remote Indian communities in the interior of the Pacaya Samiria Reserve.

Amazon Refuge Staff

Or, acitivities peacefully swimming with pink dolphins, visiting native villages and canoeing along tranquil rivers while watching monkeys and parrots frolic in the trees above.

Nature Lodges Amazon Refuge  

Amazon Refuge bungalow
Explore Amazon Refuge...
Amazon nature, wildlife & Indigenous Indians

The western Amazon rainforest, site of our Amazon Refuge, is known to have the greatest diversity of flora and fauna found in the world.

The Amazon Refuge is located off of the Amazon River from Iquitos on the YanaYacu River tributary. From Iquitos we take you by boat up the mighty Amazon River, for a distance of about 60 miles, then up the YanaYacu tributary, another 10 miles.

The lodge is open every day of the year.
Due to the numerous activities & wildlife experiences possible at the Amazon Refuge we highly recommend you consider a trip of one week or more for your visit.

Price per person based on 2-persons. Departures from Iquitos everyday: Visits available 4-days to 14+ days

International and domestic airfares to Iquitos are quoted upon request.
Discounts for Groups and Student organizations.

Travel Professional and Group organizers:
Contact us for Group rates and special services.

Amazon Refuge

• Pink Dolphins • Native Shaman, Madicinal plant hikes. • Native Indian crafts. • Hike & camp terra firma forest. • Birding: over 500 species. • Macaws, Parrots, Toucans. • Tapir colpa. • Piranha fishing. • Jungle Camping Programs. • Private accommodations.

amazon refuge
Iquitos - Amazon Refuge

Amazon Refuge itineraries
• Includes: Airport pick-up in Iquitos.
• Private river transportation to the Amazon Refuge.
• Private cabin, all meals.
• Naturalist guides.
• Visit to the Palomino Botanical Garden
• Excursions viewing Pink Dolphins, caimans, and use of the Lodge's wildlife/nature trails.

Amidst gardens and rain forest in the Amazon jungles of Peru the Amazon Refuge awaits your visit to the
majic of the Amazon Indian's Spiritual world.

with your hosts... The San Juan de YanaYacu Indian Community.

Amazon Refuge Our lodge on the YanaYacu River has access to a great variety of ecosystems that we can explore as well as native Indian communities.

Animal and plant life is abundant and extremely varied in our area.

There are over 132 species of mammals, 13 of which are primates.

The river and lake waters are home to gray and pink dolphins, Amazonian manatees, Giant River Otters, Black Caimans and giant South American River Turtles.

Land species include Jaguars, Capuchin Monkeys and Spider Monkeys. The Black Spider Monkey, the Orange-chested Spider Monkey, the Woolly Monkey, and the Howler Monkey are all considered endangered.

More than 300 species of birds live here, including five of the eight species of Macaw found in Peru. The prehistoric-looking hoatzin bird is seen here as well.

The entire lodge is screened and features a dining hall, areas to socialize and relax. There are flush toilets that use a sanitary septic system and showers.

The trip to Amazon Refuge from Iquitos takes 3 hours by our speedboat. Your accommodations are in private cabins.

Plan your Group's Visit:
Student Field Trips

Wildlife Biology • Plant Sciences • Anthropology

Expert naturalist guides for:
Photographers • Artists • Writers

And for all those interested in the best of Amazon wildlife and Indian encounters:
Join us for boating & canoeing the rivers & lakes, hiking rainforest trails.

Amazon Refuge
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The Amazon Refuge:

Conservation area with facilities for visiting researchers, university students, and interested individuals.

100+ hectares (2000+ acres) of primary rain forest.

Palomino Botanical Garden
Botanic gardens for the conservation and research of native plants.

The Amazon Refuge was created as a conservation area in collaboration with the local San Juan of YanaYacu Indian Community.

tree frog
Amazon Frog © S. Bly 

Michael Hall
Canoeing on the River 

Juan Carlos
Expert guides include Juan Carlos Palomino Berndt, recognized by the South American Explorer's Club as one of the best naturalist guides for the Amazon.



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