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Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge

Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge

Manu • Peru

Manu Cloudforest Adventure

Nature Lodges Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge  

Nature's Paradise in the Manu Cloud Forest

Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge (CORL) nestled in a pristine Andean Cloud Forest, beckons the enthusiastic birder and adventurous nature lover for an unforgettable visit to a true paradise of nature. CORL is located at 5000-feet elevation in the Kos˝ipata Valley of South Eastern Peru, 150 kilometers by road from Cusco.

Built within a 12,500 acre cloud forest reserve owned by the conservation group Selva Sur. The Lodge provides the best opportunity for exploration of primary cloud forest ecology.

CORL is named for the world's largest known display ground of the blazing scarlet Andean Cock-of-the-Rock, Peru's National Bird.

Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge

A blind tightly controlled by Selva Sur's full-time guards allows visitors to observe the Cock-of-the-Rock at the only easy-access display ground that permits close-up photography. A "must-see" for all birders and nature photographers.

Cusco - Manu Cloud Forest
bungalow Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge itineraries
• Includes: Airport pick-up in Cusco.
• Roundtrip private overland transportation.
• Private bungalow with private bath, all meals.
• Naturalist guides.

Cloud Forest The Selva Sur reserve is part of the Manu Biosphere Reserve, one of the most biologically diverse areas on our planet. The Selva Sur reserve protects the blazing red Andean CockoftheRock, two species of quetzals, the endangered Spectacled Bear, the acrobatic Woolly Monkey, and Mountain Toucan. Along the banks of cascading waterfalls and within the cloud forest canopies live Amazonian Umbrella Birds, myriad species of tanagers, and hummingbirds. Orchids, tree ferns, Torrent Ducks, Andean Dippers, and a continuing variety of wildlife inhabit one of nature's beautiful wonderlands.

Cock of the Rock The journey from Cusco takes visitors on a 6-hour trip by private vehicle over two Andean Mountain chains of 13,100 feet elevation through a habitat of wildlife such as the rare Huemal Deer, vizcachas, and Mountain Caracara. CORL lies past patches of elfin forest on the eastern slopes of the Andes in the mist of the Cloud Forest. Troops of muscular-limbed Woolly Monkeys and comical Brown Capuchin Monkeys forage through the reserve. Rare sightings of the endangered Spectacled Bear, South America's only species of bear, have been recorded near CORL.

Within earshot of the rushing Kos˝ipata River in the cool, virtually mosquito-free, cloud forest climate our lodge is the perfect place for birding, nature, and photography adventures.

monkey CORL for the avid wildlife photographer and nature lover:
• 8 double-occupancy bungalows each with a spacious living area and private tiled bathroom with flush toilet and hot water shower.
• Platform complex with a large dining Room and 6 double occupancy rooms with shared bath facilities.
• Screened dining room.
• Expert naturalist guides.

Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge
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This mysterious cloud forest harbors species of flora and fauna new to science. Indeed, in 1995 two Peruvian biology students, sponsored by Selva Sur, carried out basic survey work on orchids, reptiles and amphibians. They recorded two entirely new (previously undescribed) species of orchids, and four new species of reptiles and amphibians for Peru.
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