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Manu Wildlife Center

Manu Wildlife Center

Manu • Peru unforgettable journey to the
Amazon Rain Forest

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Spirit of the Amazon Rain Forest

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The Manu Wildlife Center (MWC) is located in the remote and wild Manu Wilderness of southeastern Peru. Amidst spectacular forest and incredible scenery, the density and diversity of animal and plant species reach a peak in the extreme western Amazon, near the foot of the Andes.

Manu Wildlife Center

• 40 miles of forest trails.
• 120 foot high canopy viewing platform.
•World famous Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick.
•World's largest known Tapir Lick.
•Expert naturalist guides.
•Private accommodations.

Cusco - Boca Manu - MWC PERU
Manu Wildlife Center itineraries
Duration: 04 Days - 03 Nights or 05 Days - 04 Nights.
• Includes: Airport pick-up in Cusco.
• Private rivercanoe transportation to Manu Wildlife Center.
• Private bungalow with private bath, all meals.
• Naturalist guides, trip to the Blanquillo Macaw Lick
• Visit to our Tapir Blind, caiman watching, and excursions by catamaran viewing Giant Otters, and use of the Center's 120 foot high canopy tower and miles of nature trails.

MWC canopy tower View monkeys and colorful canopy birds from a strategically located canopy platform atop a 120-foot high spiral staircase. From the Center's observation tower numerous canopy birds can be sighted such as Sclater's Antwren, White-shouldered, Masked, and Paradise tanagers, and Green and Black-faced dacnis.

Lowland deer, tapirs, monkeys, and the occasional Jaguar inhabit the forest trails. Caimans, piranhas, Giant Otters, and anacondas live in the rivers and lakes surrounding Manu Wildlife Center.

macaw clay lick Visit the only accessible Macaw and Parrot Clay Lick in the Manu area just minutes from our lodge. Join naturalist guides aboard custom-built lake catamarans as we visit the world's most social, yet ferocious, otter, the 70-pound Giant Otter.

tapir Visit the world's largest known Tapir Clay Lick. From the comfort and safety of a house blind elevated 13 feet above the lick, observe and photograph these wiggled-nosed, 550-pound beasts: the largest land animals in South America.

manu wildlife center A 35-minute flight from Cusco to the mouth of the Manu River and a 90-minute riverboat ride down the Madre de Dios River brings you to the single best wildlife destination in the entire Amazon: Manu Wildlife Center.

Manu Wildlife Center

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The Manu Wildlife Center, reviewed by Outside Magazine in their 2001-2002 Travel Guide as one of "our top ten finds worldwide".
(Outside Magazine Lodge Report, pp 38-40).
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