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Manu BioTrip
6-day BioTrip across the high Andes Mountains from Cusco into the private Selva Sur Cloud Forest Reserve then by riverboat into the wildlife-rich Amazon lowlands.

Cusco - Cock-of-the-Rock - Manu Wildlife Center

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Manu Wildlife Center • Amazon Rainforest • Cloud Forest •
Duration: 06 days, 05 nights. Cusco - Cloud forest - Manu lowlands.

Fixed departures every Wednesday & Saturday.
Private departure can be arranged to your travel dates.

International and domestic airfares are quoted upon reservation request.

Our Manu BioTrip itinerary includes:
Hotel pick-up in Cusco.
Private overland transportation & river transportation.
All accommodations, most meals.
Full board at Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, Pantiacolla Lodge, & Manu Wildlife Center.
English speaking guide.

Blanquillo Macaw Clay Lick, Cock-of-the-Rock Lodge, Pantiacolla Lodge, Manu Wildlife Center, Giant Otters, Canopy Platform, Tapirs, Monkeys, Birds.

Itinerary Details:
Cloud Forest Day 1: Today you will leave early morning from Cusco by private transportation to the Manu Cloud Forest. You pass over two Andean chains at almost 4,000 m elevation and descend through the cloud forest. This transect is a paradise for birders. After approximately 7 hours on the road we arrive at the Cock-of-the-Rock lodge in the private Selva Sur Cloud Forest Reserve and will spend the night within earshot of the rushing Kos˝ipata River.

Cock of the Rock Day 2: You will get up early and visit the Cock-of-the-Rock Blind, lek of the Andean Cock-of-the-Rock. You will spend some hours of the morning walking on the road looking for cloud forest birds, and with luck, Common Woolly Monkeys. Then depart by bus for Atalaya. After a 3-4 hour bus ride we reach the Alto Madre de Dios River at atalaya where you will eat a box lunch and then switch over to a river canoe with a 55 hp outboard motor. Then you continue for 1.5 - 2 hours on the Alto Madre de Dios River to the Pantiacolla Lodge. Here you will be able to start your exploration of one of the 20 km of gridded forest trails which surround the lodge.

Day 3: You can take a small hike on the Lodge trails before leaving for Manu Wildlife Center. On the way you will stop at a local Piro Indian Village. After approximately 6 hours you arrive at Manu Wildlife Center for a late lunch. Manu Wildlife Center offers 48 km of forest trails for your exploration.

macaw clay lick Day 4 & 5: The first morning we get up at 4:30 in the morning and leave at 5:15 a.m. to drive by boat 25 minutes downriver to the Macaw and Parrot Lick. We will board the large mobile blind that is attached by a long, heavy rope to a large, fixed log in the middle of the river and is positioned in front of the macaws once they have chosen their spot to eat clay. After watching the small parrtos at the clay lick between 6 and 7 a.m. we will have a pancake breakfast aboard the moving blind. The moving blind is about 9 m. long a 5 m. wide and holds up to 18 people comfortably. It also has a private bathroom in the rear. If the weather is good, the macaws should arrive b etween 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. and, if not scared by eagles or other surprises, should be down to eat on the clay by at some point between 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. We leave the lick after the macaws have finished eating clay.

If we finish early, then we may have time for a short visit to one oxbow lake to search for Giant Otters before returning to the lodge for lunch and an optional siesta. In the afternoon you may continue your siesta or take a grided walk on one of the many trails around the lodge.
tapirIn the evening and on any other evening that you wish, we may take you on a 60 minute stroll (3 km so 45 or 40 min if you walk fast) out into the forest to the tapir clay lick. You can spend then night at our elevated 5 m x 2.5 m platform. This screened structure is equipped with simple, inflatable camping mattresses ("thermarest" style) and small inflatable pillows with fresh, personal pillow cases so that you can rest or read quietly while waiting for the first tapirs of the evening. The first tapir usually arrives between 9:30 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. Other tapirs usually come in throughout the night. We either can stay all night on the platform, or we can walk back after seeing the first tapir.

MWC canopy tower One of the mornings we will visit the two oxbow lakes in the area, Cocha Camungo and Cocha Blanco to see waterbirds and hoatzins and to search for Giant Otters. Each of these lakes is used regularly by its own family of these two-meter-long, 70-pound predators, which are the only social mustelids (weasels, minks, badgers, wolverines, skunks, otters) in the world.

On the afternoons we will explore the extensive gridded trail system to search for some of the 12 species of monkeys that have been seen within a few kilometers of the Center. Outings on the trails include a visit to a Lookout over the Madre de Dios River, to different parts of a crystalline forest stream that enters the Madre de Dios River near the Center, to a large strangler fig tree, to fruiting trees that may attract monkeys and birds, and other options. We can visit the tapir clay lick during any of the evenings, as well as during the daytime when sometimes deer, peccaries, rock parakeets, cracids come in, and occasionally tapirs come in. Other outings, excursions and canopy observation from our 120 foot high canopy tower and tree platform.

Day 6: Early morning riverboat transfer to the Boca Manu airstrip and the return flight to Cusco.

About Manu Wildlife Center: Set in the splendors of the incomparable lowland Amazon, a visit to the Manu Wildlife Center offers a unique experience of primary rain forest and jungle rivers. Experience an adventure that will truly last a lifetime.
manu wildlife center
    Manu Wildlife Center:
  • 22 fully screened double-occupancy bungalows with large living area and private tiled bathrooms with hot water showers.

  • Screened dining room.

  • Activities building with fully stocked bar and reading room.

  • A professional staff and safe, comfortable accommodations await your visit to the internationally famous Manu Wildlife Center.

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