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Kuelap Fortress ~ Gocta Waterfall ~ tombs of Revash ~
Sarcofagos of Karajia

Chachapoyas Ruins map
Land of the Cloud People
5 to 7-day trips to Chachapoyas available upon request. Special pricing for your group of 4 or more persons.

SPECIAL 5-day/4-night Gocta Express
(minimum 2-persons)
Includes Chiclayo-Chachapoyas roundtrip transport,
all activities with English speaking guides, and lodging.
Visit Kuelap, Revash, Leimebamba Museum, and GOCTA.
Minimum 2-persons.
Moderate-Rugged Challenge.
Transport Chiclayo - Chachapoyas - Chiclayo included.
International and domestic airfare not included.

Starting in Chachapoyas visit the local ruins sites in Chachapoyas: Kuelap, the mountaintop fortress of the Land of the Cloud People, the Sarcofagos of Karajia, and the tombs of Revash.

This trek then continues to the waterfall named Gocta, located 5 hours hiking from Cocachimba town.

Activities/schedule can be customized to your interests.

In the morning you will depart from Chiclayo by car, van or minibus. You will cross 4 different Peruvian departments: Lambayeque, south Piura, the North of Cajamarca and end in Amazonas, starting in the coast and arriving in the late afternoon in the cloud forest of Chachapoyas. Overnight Chillo lodge.

REVASH After breakfast you will enjoy an excursion to visit the colorful funeral buildings of Revash perched on a ledge up high on a cliff. They overlook a valley and tributary of the Utcubamba, near the town of Santo Tomas. The Cliff walls at Revash are decorated with geometric designs and figures of camelids. Some of the tombs are decorated with T and cross-shaped niches. Then you will continue to town of Leimebamba to visit an amazing collection of well preserved pre-Inca mummies discovered in the Laguna de los Condores.
Overnight Chillo lodge.

KUELAP HOUSE After breakfast you will visit Kuelap, a spectacular pre-Inca walled city hidden atop a precipitous mountain. Although Kuelap was discovered 60 years before Machu Picchu, it is not as well-known to the outside world. Nevertheless recent amazing discoveries in nearby areas that relate to Kuelap and to its history have captured the attention of archaeologists, international magazines and film companies. Following your visit to Kuelap we drive to Chachapoyas city where we will spend a night at local hotel.

Morning trek to Chachapoyas burial towers of Macro, an outpost of the Chachapoyas culture built into cliffs overlooking the Utcubamba river. It's unique location allowed for contact via signal fires with the fortress high above in the mountains and visible through a cleft in the valley hills.
We then continue to Karajia, a spectacular funerary site. Here we will find 3-meter anthropomorphic wooden coffins located under a cliff. Mummies were placed inside each coffin.
Return to Chachapoyas, overnight hotel.

GOCTA WATERFALL Morning trip to Cocachimba town.
5-hour hike to Gocta Waterfall.
Overnight Camping.

Full day exploring the waterfall area.
Overnight local hostal.

Visits to the local communities surrounding Chachapoyas city. Overnight hotel.

By car, van or mini-bus transport to Chiclayo.

Cajamarca Extension
Minimum 2-persons.
Transport Chiclayo - Chachapoyas - Cajamarca included.
International and domestic airfare not included.

On DAY08 of our CHACHAPOYAS ADVENTURE continue to the river gorge of the Maranon River on a wild ride across the Andes Mountains to the famed city of Cajamarca.

The journey from Leimebamba to Cajamarca, by way of the Maranon Canyon, is one of Peru’s most spectacular drives. The Maranon River forms one of the world’s deepest canyons, and you will descend through different ecosystems from over 10,000 feet in altitude to the town of Balsas at 4,000 ft. After crossing the river you then ascend back through the various habitats to nearly 10,000 ft above sea level.
Overnight Hotel Laguna Seca.

DAY09: Cajamarca
Morning light trek through the Cajamarca countryside to see local people in their daily activities including children going to school. Then we visit the Ventanillas de Otuzco, a pre-Inca cemetery that features a gallery of secondary burial niches (located 5 miles from the city). After lunch exploration of the main points of the city: Main Square, the Cathedral and the 17th Century San Francisco church, which houses the Museum of Religious Art. Continue on to the Ransom; which Atahualpa, the last Inca emperor, filled once with gold and twice with silver so as to obtain his freedom in 1532; to the Belen complex which includes the Belen church constructed entirely of sculptures volcanic rock and finally on to Santa Apolonia Hill, for a scenic view of the valley of Cajamarca and where one may also see the ceremonial Inca seat. Finally we will take a delicious cup of coffee at local cafeteria. Return to hotel to enjoy its swimming pools with thermal waters or a nice massage at the Spa. (This service is not included in the price).
Farewell dinner and overnight at Hotel Laguna Seca.
Comments : Cajamarca was a major center of the Inca Empire. It is most famous for being the place of first contact between Pizarro and the Inca army, which he defeated in a one-sided battle shortly thereafter, and captured Atahualpa, the last of the independent Inca monarchs. Although the Inca city was razed to the ground, Cajamarca boasts many beautiful colonial buildings, as well as the Inca-era “Ransom Room,” where Atahualpa was kept as a prisoner of the Spanish before being garroted.

DAY10: Cajamarca - Lima
You will be transferred to the airport for your flight to Lima.

OR, Continue to Trujillo for an exploration of the Chimu civilization.

Trujillo Extension
Minimum 2-persons.
International and domestic airfare not included.

DAY10: Cajamarca - Trujillo
You will depart Cajamarca in the morning via private car/bus for the overland journey down through the mountains to Trujillo. Early afternoon arrival and visit the colonial city of Trujillo.
Overnight at Libertador Hotel.

DAY11: Trujillo - Lima
After breakfast visit the beautiful Moche Sun and Moon temples, and then continue to the beach for a relaxing lunch in the town of Huanchaco. After lunch you will visit Chan Chan, the sprawling ruined city of the Chimu culture. At the end of the afternoon you will transfer to the airport to take the flight to Lima.

Comments : The pyramids of the Sun and Moon, just south of Trujillo, are the largest structures ever put up in South America, and are second in the Western Hemisphere only to the Pyramid of Cholula, Mexico, in size. They formed the spiritual center of the Moche Empire, a highly sophisticated yet mysterious culture that pre-dated the Incas by nearly 1000 years. It is quite certain that the Moche Indians had contact with other civilizations in the ancient Americas, and there is good reason to believe they may have been influenced by Asian ocean-going voyagers as well. The Pyramid of the Moon contains a central, vaulted chamber, and the mountain directly behind, Cerro Blanco, appears to have been shaped by humans into a pyramid form as well.

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